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As we all know, the Forex market is a developed financial market around the world. Almost every country has investors who conduct foreign exchange transactions, including Forex trading in Bangladesh. However, the Forex market has only developed in this country in recent years and Bangladesh Bank is the main regulatory body playing a balancing role between buying and selling foreign exchange. By 2012, the Bangladesh bank officially announced that all the best forex systems in the country were banned from performing for a number of reasons.

Forex trading Bangladesh

Forex trading in Bangladesh

In the 20 century, some exchange rates used assorted exchange profit program such as IECS, XPL, and EFAS. This is lead to a big difference between legitimate exchange rate and SEM. This also led to a significant rise of the unclear regulations, frail risk management method and economic imbalances made the harmony of the two rates at Bangladesh.

After finish the war, taka was closed to sterling pound and it became stronger. In 1975, taka loses value. From 1976 to 1979, Forex trading in Bangladesh approved a loosen rule. In 1983, other Forex control strategy was adopted. At that time, the US dollar became the interference currency. SEM was also allowed to parallel development with the Forex, so it cause rise limit market.

Best forex brokers in Bangladesh

Besides Forex traders are Forex brokers. More and more brokers in the Forex market, they appear all over the world and can work via online form… You can easily find a broker via the internet. However, besides reputable brokers, there are also fraudulent and shoddy brokers. So when you perform Forex trading in Bangladesh you can  visit which will have a list of top brokers, you will definitely find Be the most suitable person.


XM is a trademark of Trading Point Holdings Ltd. They have built a reputation in the trading market through their core mission of conducting business in a transparent and professional manner. The company is registered with the rules and regulations of FI, FIN, BaFin, AFM and CNMV. As such, they all meet the legal requirements of the countries in which they are located and conduct business. This may partly reflect the reliability of XM in the global trading market. XM has a lot to offer both new and regular customers, and you get a sense of professionalism and high standards when you first visit their site.

The broker offers traders 3 account options: Micro, Standard, Zero.

Forex broker offers a wide range of trading platforms for players, but the most popular is the MT4 platform so far. MetaTrader 4 supports an unlimited number of live and demo accounts.


Hotforex is a reputable forex broker regulated in different countries, and won many prizes in competitions. Through the policy of providing the best possible trading conditions for customers and allowing investors to use trading software and tools to enable them to enjoy a trading experience the best and completely suitable way for their needs. In addition HotForex also has many other advantages: many flexible account types, Spread as low as 0 pips; Multilingual customer support; offers trading with a minimum deposit of only $5 and a maximum leverage of 1:1000, which is the best leverage for forex.

Forex trading Bangladesh

Easy Forex

Easy-forex has a number of features and characteristics that will make you like them. They offers an easy-to-use platform; low and tight minimum deposit, and fixed broker fees; they also offer MT4, offers trading with a minimum deposit of only $5 and a maximum leverage of 1:4000.

Above we provide you with some reputable brokers you can refer to to make forex trading in Bangladesh.

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