All you need for forex trading


The regulated statement is clearly public on most of brokers’ websites, which determines their authorized bodies monitoring and judge them. In choosing the best Forex brokers, checking for the legislation is essential although regulation is not a complete protection to your funds.checking other broker’s execution will provide you the method to keep you fund safe.

Other than that, the broker’s reputation, the top-tier banks approval are other factors of insurance to your funds. As long as there is no guarantee on Forex, you should carefully decide the best forex systems keeping your money safe and sound.

The Account options

There are three types of account operating by Brokers reflecting the levels of trader’s experience, including standard, Mini and micro accounts. There is an initial deposit requirement for each account type. 

Micro account

As a new trader wants to limit his invested capital, the micro account only requires an original deposit of 100 GBP or lower. It is worth consideration as you are able to test the brokers in terms of offering features and benefits. These factors will influence you decision of choosing the best Forex broker your success of growing to a forex trader.

Demo account

Demo account is a beneficial option for beginner traders with the risk-free trading on virtual money. This is also a technique to test the viability of a new brokers by experienced traders regarding their trading platforms, layouts and features. Some demo account is unlimited of use, some allow 21 to 30 days usage.


Leverage is another features of account. There is widely offered a great deal of leverage amount by Forex brokers, you should be smart in avoiding the maximizing the leverage. It would cause higher losses than the actual available capital. Read the terms and offer attached by brokers for more information of leverage to choose the best Forex broker.

Trading and money processing speed

How quick and easy to process money withdrawal; is another important factor. There is a wide accepted withdrawal methods, but it is with fees of some methods. The time taken for this process also need taking into consideration.

Commission and fees

The amount charged by brokers are examined different from what they state “no commissions” on their websites. There are some cuts, such as commission, but higher spreads. It is a common practice. Therefore, considering the total cost of dealing a particular broker.

There are also some hidden fees, including administration, withdrawal  and inactivity fees. The best brokers will provide clearly charges and fees via their websites.

The availability of trading platform

As a MT4 platform traders, you will not want to change. While this is usually run by brokers, some brokers provides their own platforms, using their own customised software for customers’ special demands.


The above factors are listed the major notice to choose the best Forex Brokers. You should carefully select the brokers who are regulated and transparent. Next, learn about forex trading in Bangladesh.