All you need for forex trading


Forex signals are forex trading orders provided to clients for the purpose of consulting or fiduciary trading. Trading signals can be provided manually in the form of documents to advise customers on what goods to buy and sell, when, at what price … or the platform that transmits – receives signals automatically.

what's forex signal

In today’s practice, forex signals are provided in an automatic form. Usually a resource account of a good trader passes a signaling system to the client’s accounts connected to it. When an order on the source account is executed, it immediately triggers the same command at the target accounts linked to it. The target account can be set to trade at different proportional volume levels, but the traded commodities and prices are unchanged.

The forex market not only has huge trading volume, but moreover, it is connected with all countries of the world into one continuous trading system. Forex investors in Vietnam, France or America … can look at the same price list and transact with each other at any time of the trading day. That is why this market has produced platforms that connect with a large network of traders, investors, forex brokers.

Even if you do not have a lot of forex trading experience, you can still use such platforms to entrust your accounts to better traders to trade for you. Such traders are forex signal sellers, and you are forex signal buyers.

Platforms that provide such a signal trading environment are so optimized that it only takes a few taps to register as a buy or sell signal there. And it only takes a few taps for you to connect your account to the merchant’s account to make the commission. The organization providing forex trading platform is an intermediary that guarantees all rights of the parties.

In that network, there are thousands of traders who are good at selling signals, all publicly showing their accounts in real time, with performance indicators for buyers to choose who to trust.